Activated charcoal adsorbers

Activated charcoal adsorbers (P62)

Activated charcoal adsorbers are used for the treatment and cleaning of both liquids and gases. The objective is the removal of undesired substances such as oils and hydrocarbons or unwanted, in part even poisonous, chemicals and heavy metals from gases or liquids. The activated charcoal adsorbers are filled with activated charcoal to accomplish this. The bed of activated charcoal is subjected to a flow from top to bottom. The best treatment qualities are dependent on the activated charcoal used, an optimal contact time, the flow rate and the depth of the bed.

We are able to complement our standard sizes with their welded construction as needed with project-specific products with custom dimensions and materials – all tailored to your use case.

Application areas

  • Filtration of amines (DEA, MDEA), water
  • Gas purification, intake air purification
  • Removal of heavy metal compounds from biogas (mercury, cadmium)
  • Dissolved organic contaminants from water (chlorine)
  • Removal of H2S (sulpher compounds)

Throughput capacity

This is dependent on the filter size. Throughput capacities from 5 m³/h to 100 m³/h for liquids are possible.

Data and facts

  • Fluids: Liquids and gases, aqueous amine solutions, air
  • Filter material: Activated charcoal

Your advantages at a glance

  • Regenerable
  • Low operating costs due to low differential pressure and long service life
  • Operationally ready units or skids