Backflush filters

Backflush filters (RSF)

Application areas

Filtration without a filter aid for both water-based and non-water-based cooling lubricants and oils for various different types of machining, such as turning, drilling, milling, etc.

Filtration capacity

The filtration capacity depends on the filter size and the filter medium. However, the modular design makes it possible to adapt the filtration capacity from 250 l/min to 20,000 l/min.

Backflush filters

Used successfully in close quarters by one of the largest automobile manufacturers.

Data and facts

  • Without filter aid (FHM)
  • Filtration fineness: 20 – 100 μm
  • Filter surface area: 0.8 – 9.1 m² per filter dome
  • Filter material: FAUDI cartridges in various different versions
  • Medium: Oils, machining emulsions and water

Your advantages at a glance

  • Machining quality through guaranteed filtration fineness
  • Low emission and constant cooling lubricant quality due to a predominantly closed system
  • Future oriented due to easy removal of the filter surface
  • Several filtration qualities can be realized with a single system