Briquetting presses

Application areas

Metal chips are a valuable commodity for the metalworking industry. With FAUDI briquetting presses, you are able to convert expensive production waste materials into recoverable secondary raw materials. Recycling them completes various cycles and serves the aim of sustainability in resource efficiency and environmental management.

Which materials can be processed?

  • Metal chips, such as aluminum, brass and copper, steel chips, magnesium chips, grey cast iron and cast steel chips, stainless steel chips
  • Bottom ash and dusts of all types
  • Grinding sludge of all types

Briquetting presses

Data and facts

  • Throughput capacity: 40 kg/h – 2 to/h
  • Briquette diameter: 60 mm – 135 mm

Your advantages at a glance

  • Volume reduction of up to 90%
  • Positive image in environmental audits
  • Optimal recovery of valuable cooling lubricants
  • Higher recovery rate of melted material through uniform combustibility of the briquette
  • Not defined as “hazardous waste”
  • Low bacterial growth during storage
  • Easy handling during collection and storage
  • Complex storage containers and rooms are unnecessary
  • Simplified waste verification management