Coolant products

Cooling lubricant treatment

The Coolant production area specializes in the cleaning and treatment of cooling lubricants in the
metal processing industry, in steelworks and in the automotive sector. See for yourself here
concerning our perfect solutions for filtration tasks with the highest demands.

To provide you with a quick overview of contamination classes and the services FAUDI offers,
we have summarized the most important information on these topics here:

Purity class

Purity class for cooling lubricants

The purity of the cooling lubricant is a decisive factor for trouble-free and low-wear operation of a system.
Higher purity ensures less idle time and better results. Consequently, the following contamination classes have been defined to simplify the assessment of the degree of contamination.

Product groups

We have a solution for you that is exactly right for your needs. Here is a guide to give you a performance overview of our product groups:


This overview chart summarizes which filter technology is appropriate for your application: