FAUDI - More than 75 years filtration in perfection

Experience that counts.

For over 75 years we have stood for innovative and reliable filtration and separation technology for liquids and gases. It all began with the founding of the company by Fritz Faudi in 1938. In the 1920s, when innovators were still called inventors, engineer Fritz Faudi with the Rheinmetall company perfected the cardan shaft, essentially reinventing it. Like many of his inventions, the "FAUDI joint" spread around the world and was added to the body of specialized literature. He decided to use his talent as the basis for his own company and founded FAUDI Feinbau GmbH in 1938.

In the years that followed, he made spectacular inventions in the field of filtration, which established the company's worldwide reputation. After the death of Fritz Faudi, his wife founded the “Fritz & Margot Faudi Foundation" to promote process technologies for keeping soil, air and water clean and developing new energy resources. In 1968, she transferred her inherited shares to the foundation, which still supports research projects carried out by the TU Darmstadt.

Consequently, the responsibility for mankind and the environment and the principle of always providing the customer with the newest technological advances are derived directly from the history of the FAUDI enterprise.



Fritz Faudi founded FAUDI Feinbau GmbH, Oberursel

Since 1937, Fritz Faudi had already had a licence from the French filter manufacturer, Rellumit. Faudi soon came to the conclusion that the filters being marketed under the licence were in need of improvement. Because he needed his own production facility, he founded FAUDI Feinbau GmbH together with his wife, Margot, in 1938, thereby laying the corner stone for the company as it is today.


Development, manufacture and marketing of the FAUDI disc filter

A high-performance filter for filtration of oils and aviation fuel – a product that was ahead of its time. The outstanding principle employed in this disc filter still finds use in the current FAUDI GmbH product range.


Development, manufacture and marketing of coalescer and separator elements for the separation of water and solids from aviation fuels


New design of precoat filters and magnetic separators

The redesign of the precoat filter for filtration of cooling lubricants was a great success for FAUDI Feinbau GmbH, and it garnered national and international attention. The development of the no less successful magnetic separator took place in the same time frame.




FAUDI Feinbau GmbH 25th anniversary


Development, manufacture and marketing of central systems for cooling lubricant filtration: Tailor-made filter systems with complete control, piping, pumps, fittings and pressure vessels

FAUDI grew to become an internationally renowned manufacturer in the area of filtration technology. The custom-made filter systems produced and marketed by FAUDI are among the best on the market.




Development, manufacture and marketing of fully automatic backflush filters for cooling water and other process liquids


Development, manufacture and marketing of fully automatic slot-type filters for highly viscous media


Development, manufacture and marketing of gas separators and products for gas filtration approved for EC use.


Development, manufacture and marketing of fully automatic module filters for the filtration of coke from oils in refineries


FAUDI Feinbau GmbH 50th anniversary 


New development work in the field of aircraft refueling with microfilters and complete filter assemblies


FAUDI Feinbau GmbH acquired Atlantik Gerätebau GmbH 

The acquisition of Atlantik Gerätebau GmbH in Stadtallendorf, which thereby established the current company headquarters, was an important step for FAUDI as the vessels made by Atlantik GmbH
are a perfect complement to the manufacture of filters in the FAUDI GmbH Process area.




Relocation to Stadtallendorf

The consolidation of corporate functions at the Stadtallendorf location took place in 1997. Shorter communication paths, concentrated know-how and a new centre for research and development all facilitated increased productivity. A total of 16 million German marks were invested at this site in a new production facility and a unique type of research and development centre.


New development and patenting of the RMF filter (regenerable micro filter)


New development and patenting of the pressure belt filter


Expansion of the product range with compact central systems for machine tools and with vacuum extraction systems for chips and briquetting presses for chips and grinding sludge.


Acquisition of Faudi GmbH by Watz Hydraulik GmbH

In spite of high-quality products and remarkable innovative drive, the changing global economic situation at the start of the new millennium and decision-making errors by the management at the time led to the initiation of insolvency proceedings in 2006. After acquisition by WATZ Hydraulik GmbH, it was possible to preserve nearly all of the jobs at the Stadtallendorf location and growth was attained once again by 2006. 



FAUDI GmbH 70th anniversary

The new module filter system as well as the backflush filter which set new quality standards were introduced in the Process division in the last few years. In the Coolant segment, FAUDI recently presented the new screw and briquetting presses as well as the rod magnetic separator. 120,000 FAUDI filters and filter systems on five continents speak for themselves! FAUDI keeps operations running in a diverse array of industry sectors and is looking forward to the next 70 years.


Foundation stone laid for the new FAUDI GmbH building in the north-east industrial estate in Stadtallendorf


Relocation to the new building on Faudi-Strasse in the north-east industrial estate in Stadtallendorf


FAUDI GmbH 75th anniversary 


BOSCH Supplier Award 


Expansion and modernization of our testing laboratory for the analysis and testing of liquids to optimize the filtration process


Expansion of the Watz Group to include the HydroService Zylinderbau GmbH company


Further refinement of the RSF Type 32 fully automatic backflush filter down to 5 µm


FAUDI is 80 years old