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Spirulina Algae Filtration

Innovative filtration solutions for the food industry.

A Win-Win Situation

The harvest and cultivation
of spirulina algae

Spirulina is a microalgae normally found in highly alkaline salt lakes in subtropical regions, such as Australia or Central America. It is known for its considerable protein content, vitamins and essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and important amino acids.

Its high nutritional potential therefore makes it a well-known representative in food production and a high-quality food supplement that is now very popular among consumers. The substances in the algae cell, such as carotenoids, amino acids, alginates, color pigments and vitamins, are also suitable for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In addition, algae oils can be used as biofuel.

As you can see, there are many uses for spirulina – so the market is definitely there.

But how do you get the “miracle algae”? Quite simply, by producing it yourself in Germany. Our partners at Algenland GmbH have developed an innovative process that allows the sustainable, ecological and economical production of spirulina algae in Germany. The production as well as the utilization of Spirulina algae form an overall process for the utilization of climate-damaging Co2 and previously unused waste heat from generators and industrial plants, such as biogas plants.

The goal is to produce a valuable and sustainable raw material. The extraction residues obtained and the algae biomass itself produced also represent an excellent and versatile raw material, such as algae biomass as a fermentation substrate for biogas plants. With the cultivation of algae, a closed production cycle is achieved, so that no waste is produced. Microalgae production is versatile and can pursue different goals. Due to the high demand in the food industry, a combination of the use of waste heat from industrial plants and the production of spirulina as a food supplement is certainly an economically interesting approach. We will be happy to advise you and, together with our partner, offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

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Areas of application

Our solutions In
Microalgae production

  • First concentration of the
    algae mass
  • Pre-drying by means of vacuum dewatering
  • Shaping for better drying
  • Final drying process
  • Automated harvesting technology for microalgae

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Together with our partner, Algenland GmbH, we offer you our entire know-how in technology & biology for the cultivation of spirulina algae.


Spirulina Algae Filtration in use

  • Spirulina Filterkuchen
    Spirulina Filterkuchen
  • Getrocknete Spirulina Algenmasse in Spaghetti-Form
    Getrocknete Spirulina Algenmasse in Spaghetti-Form
  • Spirulina Filterkuchen
    Spirulina Filterkuchen
  • Spirulina Filterkuchen im Querschnitt
    Spirulina Filterkuchen im Querschnitt
  • Spirulina Filterkuchen im Querschnitt
    Spirulina Filterkuchen im Querschnitt
  • Spirulina Flüssigmasse wir aus Eimer gekippt zur Trocknung
    Spirulina Flüssigmasse wir aus Eimer gekippt zur Trocknung