Jet Pulse filters

Jet pulse filter (F35)

Jet pulse filters belong to the group of regenerable cartridge filters. The manner of cleaning employed for these filters is that of jet-pulsed pressure cleaning. Cleaning in jet-pulse filter systems is accomplished using an intense compressed-air or inert-gas pressure impulse which reverses the flow direction abruptly in the individual filter cartridges or banks of cartridges thereby causing the filter cake to be released.
The flow through the filter media (e.g. hoses or cartridges) moves from the outside inwards during the filtration phase; a supporting frame provides the element with the necessary stability. Depending on the contaminant or dust load, the cleaning takes place by means of a pressure pulse, typically controlled by the measurement of the filter’s differential pressure.
The dimensioning of the jet pulse filter systems is governed by the project specifics and is thus matched to your use case, for example with custom shapes and dimensions as well as materials and customer specifications.

Application areas

  • Separation of solid particles from gas flows
  • Regenerable gas filtration
  • Process dust removal 

Filtration capacity

This is dependent on the filter size and the filter medium. The design of the series makes it possible to adapt the filtration capacity to suit individual needs. Filtration capacities from 50 Am³/h to 1,000 Am³/h are possible.

Jet pulse filter

Data and facts

  • Filtration fineness: 0.5 µm –  100 µm
  • Fluids: Process gases, syngas, hexanes, nitrogen
  • Filter material: Filter hoses, filter wire mesh, sintered metallic cartridges

Your advantages at a glance

  • Exceptional cleaning performance in the filter elements due to the capacity for individual back blowing of the filter elements.
  • Pulse timing either electrical or pneumatic
  • Design for high process temperatures available
  • Robust design
  • Minimal filter differential pressure