Layer filters

Layer filters (P62)

These layer filters, also referred to as dual or multi-media filters, are used to reduce the content of suspended solid matter (clouding) in seawater or process water. Suspended solids consist of small particles such as sludge, clay, grit, organic substances, algae and other microorganisms. Feed water with a high content of suspended solids can cause a significant pressure loss and impair the effectivity of downstream systems.
Filtration takes place by physically restraining contaminants in the intermediate spaces between the granules of the individual filter layers. Regeneration is accomplished by means of backflushing.
We are able to complement our standard sizes with their welded construction as needed with project-specific products with custom dimensions and materials – all tailored to your use case.

Application areas

  • Filtration of seawater, waste water, process water
  • Filtration of injection water
  • Bypass flow filtration in cooling circuits

Filtration capacity

  • This is dependent on the filter size and the filter medium
  • Filtration capacities from 50 m³/h to 750 m³/h are possible

Layer filters

Backflushable filter system with single or multiple bed layers.

Data and facts

  • Filtration fineness: 0.3 µm – 10 µm
  • Fluids: Process and seawater
  • Filter material: Technical fill material, anthracite, sand

Your advantages at a glance

  • Very high filtration rates of up to 50 m³/h m²
  • High contamination holding capacity (500 mg/l)
  • Very low backflushing water consumption of 0.1 % to 1 %
  • Exceptional filtration quality
  • Long media service life
  • Low space requirements
  • Operationally ready units or skids