FAUDI receives the largest single order in the company history

FAUDI GmbH has been awarded the contract by the well-known Southern German car manufacturer for the supply and installation of the complete filter technology for the production of its gasoline and diesel engine production.

On an area of approx. 50 hectares, the car manufacturer invested around 500 million euros in a new high-tech engine plant in Jawor, Poland.

With a project volume of around 15 million euros, this order brings FAUDI the largest single order in its 80-year company history.

The total scope of the project consists of several central plants with a total supply capacity of approx. 55,000 litres per minute as well as two storage facilities for the storage and intermediate storage of waste oil and for refilling with fresh oil.

The more than 160 machine tools (application: turning, drilling, milling of crankcases for diesel and gasoline engines, medium: oil) are supplied with oil by the FAUDI filter systems by means of the external pipeline with a length of approx. 3,000 m, which has been specially contoured and installed for this application.

In addition, three FAUDI briquetting presses were installed for the processing of the valuable production residues (metal chips + oil). The metal shavings are briquetted and the recovered oil is fed back into the filter cycle. Due to the upgrading of the chips and the return of the oil, the payback period is about one year.

The extraordinary praise given to FAUDI by the customer's management for the performance, technical support, quality and on-time delivery throughout the entire project, has once again confirmed that FAUDI remains true to its basic principles.

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