Successful environmental management - ISO 14001 Certificate

FAUDI GmbH receives the coveted ISO 14001 certificate for its environmental management - the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems.

For FAUDI, sustainability is traditionally a question of attitude: thinking ecologically, acting responsibly and sustainably - a principle that has always been lived and an integral part of the corporate philosophy.

After a successful audit by TÜV Hessen GmbH, the company receives certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 for its comprehensive, sustainable environmental management. From the responsible use of natural resources in the development and manufacture of products to environmentally conscious behavior on the part of employees: FAUDI thus fulfills the high, globally recognized requirements for an environmental management system.

The ISO certification is another sign of the importance of sustainable management at FAUDI GmbH. The company works and produces in a climate-neutral way, uses natural resources sparingly and counts the longevity of the products among the central values. FAUDI is thus assuming responsibility for the next generation not only regionally but also worldwide and is making an important contribution to the survival of our planet.

You can find the certificate for download in our download area.

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