Thank you for the financial year of 2020

Dear business partners, friends and employees,

Last Christmas, none of us could have imagined what an extraordinary year 2020 would be. Although a pandemic of global dimensions has been conjured up many times, COVID-19 hit humanity quite unprepared in the spring of this year. The impact was severe. In addition to the direct health threat, the protective measures ordered meant that we also had to endure deep cuts in our personal freedoms and adapt our everyday lives.

It showed us how important it is to always return to the essentials and to appreciate what we take for granted.

Unfortunately, there is no predicting at the moment how long the pandemic will continue to dominate everyday life in Germany and around the world and influence private and business life. Let us hope that we as humanity will soon succeed in achieving a breakthrough with the vaccines currently being tested and defeat the virus!

Let me assure you that we will be there to support you in the coming year as well. Stay healthy and look to the future with optimism despite everything.

I wish you and your families a wonderful and reflective time and happiness, success and HEALTH for the New Year.

The management of FAUDI GmbH

Gerd Knack

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