Pipeline protection sieves

Pipeline protection sieves (S7)

Pipeline protection sieves are used as start-up sieves during commissioning operations to protect pumps and compressors as well as measuring and control systems. In the permanent production process, they serve as a “safety filter” for long-term plant protection. They are installed with two seals between a pair of flanges and the large filter surface area offers a long service life with little pressure loss.
We are able to complement our standard sizes as needed with specially made products tailored to your use case, for example, with custom dimensions, adaptations to suit the shape of seals or flanges and with other levels of filtration fineness.

Application areas

  • Protection for downstream system components, such as pipelines, pumps, measuring instruments, fittings, etc.
  • Start-up protection in industrial systems or permanent guard filter
  • Filtration of liquid and gaseous media


  • For installation between flanges (to DIN EN / ASME)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Flow direction from inside towards the outside
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting orientation possible

Filtration capacity

This is dependent on the filter size and the filter medium.
Filtration capacities from 15 m³/h to 2,500 m³/h are possible.

Pipeline protection sieve

Last-chance filters in pipelines, temporary or permanent.

Data and facts

  • Filtration fineness: 250 µm –  5,000 µm
  • Fluids: Liquids and gases
  • Filter material: Perforated conical steel sheet with/without wire mesh of stainless steel

Your advantages at a glance

  • Low pressure loss due to large filtration surface area
  • Compact, robust design
  • Completely welded, no brazed connections