Process products

Process filtration

With our Process product area, we are an experienced partner for filters and automatic
filter systems. See for yourself here concerning our high-performance filtration systems
for treating process liquids and gases.

Overview of filtration technologies

Types of filtration, application areas, separation limits.

To provide you with a quick overview of FAUDI’s expertise, we have summarized the most important categories of information here.

Types of filtration

We offer a versatile spectrum of filtration solutions and methods for separating mixtures of substances:

  • Surface filtration
  • Microfiltration
  • Pressure filtration
  • Precoat filtration
  • Dynamic filtration
  • Depth filtration
  • Vacuum filtration
  • Layer filtration
  • Membrane filtration

General areas of application

We provide filtration solutions and separation processes for the following areas of application:

  • Filtration of solids from liquids and gases
  • Separation of gases from liquids
  • Separation of liquids from gases
  • Separation of liquid phases with different densities, viscosities and surface tensions

Seperation limits

This chart shows typical filter application areas and separation limits to help you make an initial selection concerning a filter system: