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roller separators

Filtration solutions for the separation of ferritic contaminants
and chips in liquids.

Walzenabscheider zur Abscheidung von ferrtischen Verunreinigungen und Spänen in Flüssigkeiten
Faudi Magnetabscheider_Walzenabscheider_Typ MA

Magnetic separators: roller separators (Ma)

FAUDI roller separators are used for separating ferritic contaminants and chips in liquids. Typical areas of application are for cold rolling, processing steel and cast iron as well as cleaning sinter water.

FAUDI roller separators are used as a pre-cleaning stage in filter systems with high demands for filtration quality. This relieves the burden on the downstream ultra-fine filter and increases its service life while reducing the consumption of filter aids. For low filtration quality requirements, FAUDI roller separators can also be used without additional filter technology. They can be installed either in the primary or the secondary flow. Depending on the filter size and the filter medium, a filtration capacity of 50 l/min to 1,500 l/min can be achieved.


FAUDI roller separator for the separation of ferritic contaminants and chips in liquids
FAUDI roller separator

how does a roller separator work?

Contaminated medium is supplied to the magnetic separator through an inlet basin / distribution device.  The inlet box reduces turbulences so that a calmed, constant flow exists – for the heavy units. The magnetic rotor retains magnetic dirt particles; the magnetic field is effective over the total width. Pollutants constrict the flow gap and retains also
non-magnetic particles. The switching of the magnetic rotor will be activated by the increasing and decreasing liquid level in the inlet basin and at the level switch. The magnetic rotor which is slowly revolving against the current carries the pollutant to the scraper. The scraper sorts out the particles from the rotor which will be discharged outwards over the discharge plate.


  • Greater volumetric flow rates also
    possible through parallel installation
  • Robust technology
  • Roller widths of 10 to 1,500 mm
  • Effective separation
  • Wear- and corrosion-resistant steel
    and stainless steel construction
  • Entire installation autarkic

Data and Facts


  • Filter aid

    Without filter aid

  • Medium

    Oils, machining emulsions

  • Filter material

    Magnetic roller

  • Construction and system

    Mechanically uncomplicated, space-saving, compact system that is easy to maintain and operate

Industries: where they are used

Application areas: how they are used

  • FAUDI Walzenabscheider zur Abscheidung von ferritischen Verunreinigungen und Spänen in Flüssigkeiten
    FAUDI Walzenabscheider TYP. MA
  • Mensch schraubt an Walzenabscheider

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