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FAUDI Module filter System Type F29

In order to protect downstream reactors, a FAUDI modular filter system type F29 ensures continuous and fully automatic filtration operation in a mineral oil and gas group in Croatia.

Filtration takes place in parallel-connected backwashable cartridge filters, grouped within modular filter banks.

The heart of each filter is the filter insert with several slotted tube filter elements.

Due to their design, slotted tube filter elements are extremely robust and durable filter media that also have good backwashing properties. In order to achieve the best possible cleaning efficiency even with low pressure differences and limited fluid volumes during backflushing, a flow distributor was additionally installed inside each individual cartridge to optimally distribute the backflush volume flow over the complete cartridge length. The individual filter modules and plant components are easily accessible for maintenance purposes via a large-area platform.

The clever modular design of the plant not only eliminates transport and handling problems, but also allows additional filter units to be added during later operation for capacity extention.

National and international regulations were applied and combined in the design and construction of the plant, as well as customer-specific requirements were taken into account.  Besides filter FAUDI supplies also the entire plant construction including instrumentation, measurement and control technology, as well as the control system.

The customer thus receives a filter system that is optimally tailored to his needs.

Technical data

  • Type of filter

    Module filter type F29

  • Filter medium

    Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO), Heavy Gas Oil (HGO), Heavy Coker Gas Oil (HVGO)

  • Filtration fineness

    20 micron

  • Filter materials

    Slotted tube filter elements

  • Filter area

    68 m²

  • Design pressure

    up to 26 bar (g)

  • Design temperature

    up to 250 °C

  • Filtration capacity

    287 m³/h

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Project Impressions

  • Module filter system type F29 for HCGO filtration
    Module filter system type F29 for HCGO filtration
  • Module filter system type F29 for HCGO filtration
    Module filter system type F29 for HCGO filtration
  • A side view of a modular filter system - HCGO filtration
    Modular filter system FAUDI