Aviation industry

FAUDI Briquetting
press TYPe WsPK

With our chip and sludge treatment systems and our extensive range of accessories, we offer a broad spectrum of solutions that complement our innovative filtration technology and round off our range for a wide variety of applications.

Our customer in Mexico, an international pioneer in the aerospace industry, has benefited from this:
The system, which consists of a press with a filter system, processes aluminum chips with high hydraulic pressure into briquettes, which can then be reintegrated into the cycle for melting in the blast furnace or for further sale. The pressed emulsion is filtered and automatically returned to the processing machines. Before that, the aluminum chips were disposed of and the emulsion had to be re-mixed by hand and fed to the processing machines by hand as well. The briquetting press represents the core of the system. So, in this case the filter system with the corresponding round tank for the preparation of the emulsion are an addition to the briquetting press, in order to reprocess the grouted emulsion.

Technical details

  • Press

    Briquettingpress type WSPKA 135

  • Filter medium/material


  • Machining type

    Turning, drilling, milling

  • Throughput capacity

    450 kg/h

Project Impressions