Chip and sludge treatment

FAUDI Screw press Type FSP

For the dehumidification of grinding sludge and the associated reduction of production residues, Germany’s largest automobile manufacturer uses FAUDI screw presses. The oil separated by the dehumidification unit is then fed back into the filter system and thus reintegrated into the cycle.

Technical data

  • Press

    Screw press type FSP

  • Conveyed material

    Grinding sludge

  • Liquid content

    Entry: 50-80%
    Exit: approx. 30%

  • Delivery volume

    180 kg/h

Project Impressions

  • Grauer Schleifschlamm in weißem Becken
    Schleifschlamm von Schneckenpresse
  • Getrockneter Schleifschlamm
    Schleifschlamm Schneckenpresse
  • Schneckenpresse in Produktionshalle
    Schneckenpresse FAUDI