Seawater filtration

fully automatic
backflush filter Type RSF F30

For a global EPC company with extensive experience in refineries, gas and petrochemical plants, which provides design and construction services in South Korea, FAUDI plans, designs and supplies automatic backwash filter systems for the filtration of seawater.

These ensure fully automatic operation, with cleaning of the filter cartridges by backwashing using a partial flow of the filtered liquid, without interrupting the filtration process. Each of the seven filter packages consists of a FAUDI filter type RSF F30, a filter housing, valves, instruments and a separate control panel.


Technical Data

  • Type of filter

    FAUDI fully automatic backflush filter type RSF F30

  • Filter medium


  • Filtration fineness

    1000 µm

  • Volume flow

    5500 m³/h

Projectt Impressions