Automotive industry

FAUDI Gravity belt
filter TypE AFB

To complement the largest single order ever received by FAUDI, an impressive belt filter system, FAUDI type AFB 7.5/1000 in stainless steel, was installed at our customer’s new high-tech engine plant. The plant filters used wash water from a total of 18 cleaning boxes in the crankshaft line. The main function of the design is to filter solid dirt and skimmed oil. The cleaned wash water is stored in the tank below the belt filter. A supply pump delivers the liquid to a supply line. A flow meter is integrated into the line to determine the flow rate. In addition, an emulsion mixing device for the concentrate is located on the belt filter. A belt skimmer is provided for the separation of floating oil. Last but not least, the plant contains its own control cabinet with a panel for controlling the FAUDI belt filter.

Technical Details

  • Type of filter

    Gravity belt filter type AFB 7,5/1000 in stainless steel

  • Filter medium

    Washing water

  • Filtration fineness

    80 µm

  • Volume flow

    1,200 l/min

Project Impressions

  • Auschnitt eines Schwerkraftbandfilters in Edelstahlausführung
    FAUDI_Bandfilter_Schwerkraftbandfilter_Typ AFB
  • Schwerkraftbandfilter in Edelstahl mit dazugehörigem Schaltschrank
    Faudi Bandfilter_Schwerkraftbandfilter Typ AFB