Regenerable microfilters

Regenerable microfilter (RMF)

Application areas

The patented RMF filters are mainly used for cleaning contaminated cooling lubricants used in grinding processes – especially in the field of ultra-fine machining of metallic surfaces.
Whenever high demands are placed on the degree of purity of the cooling lubricant used, FAUDI’s RMF technology is just right.

RMF compact

In the compact version, the advantages of RMF technology can be ideally applied for space-saving and decentralized requirements.

Filtration capacity

The filtration capacity depends on the filter size and the filter medium. However, the modular design allows individual adaptation of the filtration capacity from 50 l/min to 20,000 l/min.

Regenerierbarer Mikrofilter

Germany's largest truck manufacturer has relied on FAUDI's patented RMF technology
for over 20 years, which enables filtration at the highest level with no filter aids.

Data and facts

  • Without filter aid (FHM)
  • Filtration fineness: 5 – 10 μm
  • Filter surface area per filter dome: 2.5 – 73 m²
  • Filter material: patented FAUDI cartridges
  • Medium: Oils

Your advantages at a glance

  • Filtration without a filter aid
  • Can be used for different machining processes
  • Especially economical for large volumetric flow rates
  • Long service life
  • Compact design possible