Rod separators

Rod separators (MSA 2000 – MSA 7500)

Application areas

Automatic magnetic rod separators are used for separating ferritic contaminants and chips in liquids. Typical areas of application are for cold rolling, processing steel and cast iron as well as cleaning sinter water.

Our automatic magnetic rod separators are used as a pre-cleaning stage in filter systems with high demands for filtrate quality. This relieves the burden on the downstream ultra-fine filter and increases its service life while reducing the consumption of filter aids.

For low filtration quality requirements, FAUDI magnetic rod separators can also be used without additional filter technology. They can be installed either in the primary or the secondary flow.
When designing the magnetic rod separators, FAUDI placed special emphasis on an optimal ratio between the diameter and the spacing of the magnetic rods. This ensures the best possible exploitation of the magnetic field. As a result, an essentially “closed” magnetic field, or a “chain curtain” is created.

FAUDI magnetic rod separators have fewer magnetic rods than comparable products made by competitors. Extensive laboratory tests confirm that FAUDI magnetic rods are more powerful and operate more efficiently and thus the use of fewer magnetic rods in the magnetic rod separator makes more economic sense.

Rod separators

Ready for delivery to one of the largest rolling stands in China with a total filtration capacity of approx. 40,000 l/min.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Uncomplicated, compact, mechanical cleansing system
  • Low energy requirements
  • Larger magnetic rod diameter results in greater magnetic force
  • Low number of magnet rods
  • Low maintenance
  • Space-saving