Filter Separators (P45)

FAUDI separators and filter separators are used for the removal of solid and liquid components from process gases and natural gases. The removal/separation of solid and liquid impurities is carried out by means of installed units such as filter and/or coalescer elements, lamella packets, multi-cyclone packets or a combination of installed units. Particles, very fine droplets and aerosols are separated.
We are able to complement our standard sizes with their welded construction as needed with project-specific products with custom dimensions and materials – all tailored to your use case.

Application areas

  • Natural gas filtration
  • Scrubbers, knock-out containers
  • Coalescence separators
  • Gas and compressor stations

Throughput capacity

This is dependent on the separator size. Throughput capacities from 50 Am³/h to 20,000 Am³/h per individual device are possible.

Data and facts

  • Filtration fineness: down to 0.3 µm particles
  • Separation performance: down to 1 µm droplets
  • Fluids: Process gases, natural gases
  • Filter material: Coalescer elements, pleated cellulose elements, lamella packets and cyclones

Your advantages at a glance

  • Very fine separation of particles and liquid droplets
  • Suitable for use under extreme temperature and pressure conditions
  • Max. operating pressures of up to 200 bar
  • Low pressure losses
  • Acid gas version to NACE or ISO