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Compliance and sustainability

Our promise today and tomorrow.

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FAUDI Sustainability

Sustainable operations

Being part of FAUDI GmbH means working on products and solutions that actually make a difference. By thinking and acting proactively, we not only help to improve products, but also to preserve resources. FAUDI relies on its highly qualified employees, its innovative technologies and the use of its patented filter systems without filter aids. The result are reliable production facilities with high efficiency and availability as well as less residual materials, which is not only economical but also has a great impact on sustainability and our environment. So at FAUDI, we care about our employees as much as we care about the climate and our planet. Our everyday life is characterized by innovation, creativity and diversity in the cooperation with our colleagues, customers and service providers from different cultural backgrounds. Of course, compliance with all legal requirements and regulations has the highest priority. We are also committed to ensuring that all our products and processes comply with applicable national and international product regulations and social standards.

Our environmental management system

A continuous improvement process

Underlying ISO 14001:2015 based on the method Plan-Execute-Control-Optimize

  • Plan: establish the goals and processes to achieve the implementation of the organization’s environmental policy.

  • Execute: the implementation of the processes.

  • Control: Monitoring of processes with respect to legal and other requirements as well as the goals of the organization’s environmental policy.

  • Optimize: If necessary, the processes must be corrected (adjusted).

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Taking responsibility

it concerns all of us, including our suppliers and partners in production

Health protection

We protect the health of our employees and comply with laws, ordinances and regulations to protect our workforce.

Accident prevention

Regular training courses on accident prevention regulations and protective measures are a self-evident fact and part of our company culture.

Environmental management

Environmental protection is part of our DNA. Through our environmental management, we ensure that external and internal processes are designed to be as efficient and resource-saving as possible.

Professional development

We place great emphasis on further training and continuing development – and also on productive, goal- and team-oriented cooperation across all hierarchical levels and departments.