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The waste products generated in the production process, such as grinding sludge and metal chips, represent a not inconsiderable volume. These raw materials, some of which are valuable, do not necessarily have to be disposed of at high cost. With the help of FAUDI screw and briquetting presses, residual oils and emulsions can be separated from other waste materials and fed back into the coolant circuit.

The further processing of grinding sludge with the briquetting press is considerably improved, for example, by a possible pre-dehumidification of the residual materials by means of the screw press. In this way, residual oils and emulsions are made usable again, which can lead to a fresh oil saving of up to 95%. In addition, the volume of residual materials that have to be disposed of for a fee is sustainably reduced.

In the briquetting press, chips are separated from the cooling lubricants by the pressing process and formed into highly compressed, manageable briquettes. The chips refined in this way can additionally be sold to disposal companies, but with much higher proceeds than before. The use of FAUDI screw and briquetting presses thus leads to a considerable cost reduction and supports a responsible attitude towards people and the environment.

The hydraulic briquetting presses and the screw presses can be optimally combined with FAUDI filtration systems as well as filter systems of other manufacturers.

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