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Chips and sludge treatment

chip containers

A chip container is used to store chips, grinding sludge or other waste materials generated during the machining of metals, plastics or other materials. These waste materials are typically created, when cutting, grinding, turning or milling parts are produced by the use of machine tools.


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your advantages
at a glance

  • Workspace is kept clean
  • Optimized efficiency in chip processing
  • Sustainability through chip recycling
  • Continuous press utilisation
  • Workspace safety
Aufbau FAUDI Spänebunker - ein Behälter, der zur Aufbewahrung von Spänen, Schleifschlämmen oder anderen Abfallmaterialien
Aufbau FAUDI Spänebunker

Design layout

Chip containers

The chip container consists of the following components:

1. Filling funnel
2. Chip container
3. Screw conveyor
4. Discharge
5. Stir shaft
6. Stirring blade
7. Drive units
8. Steel frame


FAUDI Spänebunker - ein Behälter, der zur Aufbewahrung von Spänen, Schleifschlämmen und anderen Abfallmaterialien
FAUDI Spänebunker_Rendering

How does a chip bunker work?

The purpose of a chip bunker is to collect and store these waste materials until they can be disposed of. Chip containers are usually used in factories and workshops where metal or plastic parts are machined. They help keep the workspace clean and minimise contamination from chips and other waste.

They can be filled using forklifts, lifting and tipping devices or conveyors.

FAUDI chip containers are available in various sizes and shapes, depending on the requirements of the respective application. They are made of steel and are usually combined with our scraper conveyors or screw conveyors to act as a complete system for processing metal chips. In this way, your waste can be recycled and returned to the production process. A closed cycle is guaranteed and expensive disposal costs are avoided.

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Chip containers

Data and facts

  • 400-2,000 l filling volume
  • Available with mixing device and discharge conveyor if required
  • Low wear for highly resistant materials


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