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Product category: Magnetic separators

Magnetic separators are used for the separation of ferromagnetic particles from liquids, for example cooling lubricants. Depending on the product type, they are equipped with a strong magnetic field that attracts the magnetic particles and separates them from the non-magnetic particles. They are often used in metal processing, the machine tool industry or in the rolling and steel industry to improve the quality and purity of end products and to reduce machine wear.

The FAUDI product category includes two different products: One is the so-called FAUDI roller separator type MA, which is commonly known as magnetic separator. Often they are also called magnetic drum separators. In addition, our product portfolio includes the automatic FAUDI magnetic rod separators type MSA. We offer these in four different series, which differ in terms of their throughput capacities from 2,000 – 15,000 l/min. Thus, with our FAUDI products, we can implement individual solutions tailored to the application.

By removing ferritic contaminants from waste streams, our products in this category can help reduce environmental impact and improve compliance with environmental regulations.

FAUDI roller and rod separators offer an effective and cost-efficient way to separate ferromagnetic materials that can be used in a variety of applications to improve your product quality and reduce your operating costs.

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Your advantages with our
magnetic separators

Efficiency & Quality

Extensive laboratory tests prove that FAUDI magnetic separators are more powerful and more efficient. The design of our products is thus significantly more economical and achieves more effective separation of magnetic particles.

Cost savings

Our products help reduce the cost of replacing damaged machine components and cleaning contaminants. They can also reduce the consumption of raw materials and chemicals, resulting in further cost savings.


Using these FAUDI filter types makes it easy to comply with your environmental regulations. The removal of magnetic contaminants from waste streams, significantly helps to reduce environmental impact and conserve resources.

Which magnetic separator is
suitable for your application

  • Turning/Drilling/Milling
    (Machining Centers)

    Magnetic separator MA
    Magnetic rod separator MSA

  • Grinding

    Magnetic separator MA

  • Honing + superfinishing

    Magnetic separator MA
    Magnetic rod separator MSA

  • Cold rolling

    Magnetic separator MA
    Magnetic rod separator MSA

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