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Bed filters

Bed filters are used in a variety of industries and applications because they offer a high degree of versatility and efficiency in particle filtration. When it comes to high-quality filtration and separation, our products are an excellent choice.

Among these, our activated carbon adsorbers type P62 are particularly suitable for the separation of liquids and gases, aqueous amine solutions, or even air. On the other hand, our layer filters type P62 are ideal for the filtration of process and seawater. Both types of filters in this category are available as ready-to-use units or as skids.

In addition to our standard welded sizes, we can provide customized solutions with tailored dimensions and materials to suit your specific application needs.

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High capacity

Our products offer impressive capacity to filter a large volume of liquid without compromising filter performance. This makes them ideal for applications in industry, laboratories, and other areas where large volumes need to be processed.

Wide range of applications

Our filters are used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, food processing, and seawater treatment. Their versatility makes them an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications. You can find our systems in different industries all over the world.

Environmentally friendly

The FAUDI solutions in this product category are each regenerable and have a very low backflush water consumption. This makes them very sustainable products that contribute to reducing the ecological footprint and appeal to environmentally conscious businesses.

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