Inclined belt filter with FAUDI logo grey background for cleaning of cooling lubricants

inclined belt filters

Efficient filtration solutions for
the treatment of oils, emulsions and water.


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FAUDI inclined belt filter with endless plastic belt
Belt filter FAUDI inclined belt filter type SBF-E

FAUDI Belt filters: inclined belt filters (SBF)

Inclined belt filters are ideal for cleaning your low-viscosity liquids, especially cooling lubricants. With our inclined filters, you can achieve high filtration performance, even in small spaces.

  • Filtration capacity from 30 l/min to 800 – 1000 l/min
  • Available as a decentralised filter system on a machine tool or as a complete filter system
  • With fibre fleece (type SBF-V) or with endless belt (type SBF-E), depending on the area of application
  • Available in steel and stainless steel

Optimise your production now with our inclined belt filters. We will be happy to advise you on the best configuration for your application.

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Inclined belt filters (SBF)

Data and facts


  • Filtration fineness

    30 µm – 100 µm

  • Filtration capacity

    30 l/min to 800 – 1000 l/min

  • Fluids

    Oils, emulsions and water

  • Filter material

    Fibre nonwoven/belt

  • Filter surface area

    Max 1.4 m²

  • Housing

    Steel or stainless steel

Space-saving and efficient:

Your advantages with our inclined band filters

High economic efficiency

Our inclined belt filters optimise the cost efficiency and sustainability of your production. By using them, you significantly extend the service life of your production fluids, such as your cooling lubricants. This saves running costs and increases environmental compatibility.


Individual customer solution

Our filtration solutions are customised to your requirements. You can combine many components for your inclined filter. This provides a solution that delivers an ideal throughput rate for your application and is customised to the appropriate filter fineness.


Highest quality

Our inclined belt filters fulfil high quality standards. This applies to the durability and low maintenance intensity of our systems as well as the quality of the filtration result and a high throughput rate. We also always offer you the best service.

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We work with you to configure the optimum inclined belt filter for your application.

FAUDI inclined belt filter for cleaning low-viscosity liquids, especially cooling lubricants
Design layout FAUDI inclined belt filter

Design layout

FAUDI Inclined belt filters (SBF)

The inclined belt filter consists of the following components:

1. Filter inlet
2. Drive engine
3. Nonwoven or continuous belt
4. Flushing device connection (for SBF-E)
5. Pressure sensor connection (for SBF-E)

Our inclined filter can be configured precisely for your application. We will be happy to advise you on the ideal configuration.

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FAUDI inclined belt filter_nonwoven
FAUDI inclined belt filter_nonwoven

how our
inclined belt
filter works

Each of our inclined belt filters consists of a steel plate housing equipped with a perforated plate that slopes upwards towards the chip discharge. The housing contains either a fibre fleece or a endless synthetic belt as filter material.

The flow velocity of the supplied liquid is greatly reduced in the inlet box so that it flows smoothly into the filter housing. Gravity causes the filter medium to flow through. Dirt particles are separated and a filter cake is built up. This retains ever finer dirt particles and gradually reduces the flow rate. The liquid level in the housing rises until the float switch triggers the further transport of the filter belt. Clean filter belt is now drawn onto the lower end of the perforated plate, simultaneously removing dirt from the inclined belt filter. The liquid level drops and the feed is stopped.

The process starts again. Once cleaned, the liquid is available again for your machining process.

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