Prozess in der Metallverarbeitung: Metall wird bearbeitet, sodass Metallspäne entsteht, die brikettiert werden muss

Metall processing

Filtration and briquetting in metal processing and machining.

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The metal processing industry is characterized by increasing costs, intense international competition and the demand for high speed and flexibility. In production, there are many filtration and metal processing tasks that also have to be approached with high efficiency. FAUDI offers solutions for a wide range of tasks in this area and supports your value creation.

In metal processing, we are your contact for filtration and briquetting in the ball bearing industry, the valve industry and in the field of gears and brakes. Here we offer solutions for cooling lubricant filtration and recycling management, for example.

In the metalworking sector, our systems in the sheet metal working industry, the galvanic industry and the paint industry also ensure that the cooling lubricant quality is maintained and the heat generated is effectively removed. In addition, we offer solutions for paint system filtration and the recycling of process media. Contact us for more information on which system solution is best tailored to your application.

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Our products and services help you to meet the legal requirements applicable in the metal processing industry, increase productivity and reduce your operating costs at the same time.

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Our quality guarantee goes beyond the categories of lifetime and trouble-free operation: “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) is an important benchmark for our engineers in their project design work in the metal processing industry.

Customized solutions

We offer you our entire know-how and an optimal filtration solution that meets your individual requirements. For us, providing detailed consultation and worldwide service is a must.

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We are your contact for engineering, piping design as well as monitoring and control.

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