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Jet Pulse Filters

Filtration solutions for the treatment
of process liquids and gases.

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FAUDI Jet pulse filter type F35

Automatic filters: Jet Pulse filters (f35)

Jet pulse filters are used for air & gas purification, dust collection and product separation in numerous applications at various industries. These include the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, petrochemicals, energy production, and waste recycling and processing. In this context, the use of jet pulse filters in the filtration of synthesis gas as part of waste gasification processes is particularly noteworthy. The form of cleaning used with these filters is jet-pulse cleaning, an intense blast of compressed air or intergas that abruptly cleans the individual filter cartridges or cartridge registers while the remaining filter cartridges stay in filtration mode. With differential pressuremonitoring and control, jet pulse filters operate continuously with automatic cleaning.

The dimensioning of FAUDI jet pulse filter systems is project-related and thus matched to your application, for example design, adapted dimensions and materials as well as customer specifications.

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Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Exceptional cleaning performance of the filter elements due to the capacity for individual back blowing of the filter elements
  • Puls timing either electrical or pneumatic
  • Compact construction
  • Design for high process temperatures available
  • Robust construction
  • Minimum filter differential pressure
FAUDI Jet Pulse filters for air & gas cleaning, dust removal and product separation
Design layout FAUDI Jet Pulse Filter

Design layout

Jet Pulse Filters (F35)

The jet pulse filter consists of the following components:

1. Filter inlet
2. Filter outlet
3. Cleaning register
4. Support basket with filter bag
5. Discharge outlet

FAUDI Jet-Pulse filters for air & gas cleaning, dust removal and product separation
FAUDI Jet Pulse Filter_Rendering

How does a Jet Pulse
Filter work?

FAUDI jet pulse filters are equipped with filter bags made of synthetic fibres. In hot gas filtration (up to 600 °C) or for resistance requirements, filter cartridges made of sintered metals or metallic wire cloth are being used. In filter operation, the filter bags are flown through at a very slow speed from the outside to the inside. The solid particles are retained on the surface of the filter medium, or rather of the filter cake deposited on it. The purified gas flows out of the filter bag or candles at the top. When a defined differential pressure is reached, the cleaning process will be initiated. With the aid of solenoid valves, intensive pressure surges with a cleaning gas (usually nitrogen) are selectively delivered from a receiver tank to the inside of the filter bags via registers and nozzles arranged above the filter bags. Due to the reversal of the flow direction (now from the inside to the outside) and the slight inflation of the filter bags, the filter cake lying on top is detached and the dust particles sediment into the lower collection space of the filter container. This cleaning process can be carried out without interrupting the filtration process, thus enabling a continuous production process.

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Jet pulse filters (F35)

Data and facts


  • Filter fineness

    0.5 µm – 100 µm

  • Fluids

    Process gases, syngas, hexanes, nitrogen

  • Filter material

    Filter bags, filter cloth, sintered metal cartridges

  • Filtration capacity

    50 Am³/h – 1,000 Am³/h

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