FAUDI separator, filtration solutions for the separation of gases from liquids

gas separators

High-performance filtration solutions for the
separation of gases from liquids.

Gas separator FAUDI
Gas separator FAUDI

Separators: Gas separators (p54)

In the field of industrial loading of liquids, it is usually not possible to determine the exact quantities of liquid due to undesirable gas fractions. Regardless of the volumetric measuring system, these gas fractions generate measuring errors.

FAUDI gas separators are installed in piping systems for volumetric measuring systems to avoid these errors. They separate gas and air inclusions from the liquid and reliably reject them from the loading system.

Use in transfer handling facilities ensures that downstream volumetric meters will provide measurements with reliable tolerances. The exact loading quantities of liquids are determined and possible taxes or levies are reliably calculated.

FAUDI gas separators have the necessary certificates and approvals to be operated in systems that are subject to the European MID (Measuring Instruments Directive).

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Benefits: your advantages
at a glance

  • Certified to MI005, WELMEC 8.8.,
    OIML R 117-1
  • Guaranteed gas separation
  • High throughput capacity
  • Versions available for loading
    and unloading processes
  • Also suitable for aggressive
  • Long service life
Structure FAUDI gas separators, which separate gas bubbles and inclusions of air from the liquid.
Design layout FAUDI gas separator

Design layout

Gas separators (P54)

The gas separator consists of the following components:

1. Liquid inlet
2. Liquid outlet
3. Gas-liquid separation chamber
4. Gas outlet
5. Air vent valve

Gas separator FAUDI
Gas separator FAUDI

how does a
gas separator

The liquid enters the vessel via the tangentially arranged inlet nozzle and is thereby set into a rotational movement. Due to the centrifugal effect of the rotational flow and a determined dwell time, i.e. the time between product entry and exit, gas and air inclusions are separated and collected in the upper area of the gas separator. These are then reliably removed from the system via the automatic, float-controlled vent valve. The gas separator type 54 is capable of separating up to 30 % air or gas.

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Gas separators (P54)

Data and Facts :

  • Separation technology


  • Fluids

    Liquids up to 20 mPa·s at 20°C

  • Flow rate capacity

    up to max. 20,000 l/m

  • Separation

    With automatic air vent

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