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Filtration solutions for the treatment of
process liquids and gases.

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Separators: filter separators (p45)

During storage, transportation, distribution and processing of natural gas and other gaseous media, it is often necessary to clean these media by filtration and separation of solid and/or liquid contaminants. This is especially true for energy supply and here the demand for environmentally friendly, gaseous fuels will continue to increase.

FAUDI separators and filter-separators are used for these cleaning tasks. The cleaning/separation of solid and liquid contaminants is accomplished through built-in components such as filters and/or coalescer elements, lamella packets, demisters, multi-cyclone packets or a combination of installed components. The smallest particles, fine droplets and/or aerosols are separated.

FAUDI separators are characterised in particular by being project-specific using adapted dimensions and/or materials and are thus tailored to your use case.

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  • Very fine separation of particles
    and liquid droplets
  • Suitable for use under
    extreme temperature and
    pressure conditions
  • Low pressure loss
  • Sour gas design to NACE or ISO
  • High dirt absorption capacities
  • High economic efficiency
Structure FAUDI Separator_Koaleszer -cleaning/separation of solid and liquid impurities
Design layout FAUDI Separator

Design layout

Filter separators (P45)

The filter separator consists of the following components:

1. Separator inlet
2. Separator outlet
3. Vent
4. Partial discharge
5. Maintenance opening
6. Boot
7. Level measurement boot
8. Drain boot
9. Spare nozzles (optional)

how does a
Separator work?

In FAUDI separators and filter-separators, separation usually takes place in several stages. After the gas stream enters, larger liquid droplets and coarser mechanical contaminants are separated by gravity and impact effects. Fine particles and fine liquid droplets are separated in the next stage by means of filter and coalescer elements. Depending on the application and requirements, a lamella packet or demister can be installed as a further separation stage.
The separated liquid is collected in one or in divided collecting chambers of the separator. Cyclone or cyclone packet separators use the centrifugal principle to separate solid and liquid particles from the gas flow. The separated particles and droplets collect in the lower collection chamber of the separator. With these separators, the separation efficiency depends on the density of the contamination and the flow rate.

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Filter separators (P45)

Data and Facts


  • Separation performance

    Particles: down to 0.3 µm
    Droplets: down to 1 µm

  • Fluids

    Process gases, natural gases

  • Filter material

    Coalescer elements, filter elements, lamella packets, demisters and cyclones

  • Flow rate capacity

    50 Am³/h to 20,000 Am³/h

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: how they are used

  • gas purification platform compressor station, dust collector and filter separator
    gas purification platform compressor station, dust collector and filter separator
  • FAUDI Coalescer type 45
    FAUDI Coalescer type 45
  • Process water Coalescer package grey for separation of liquid phases
    FAUDI Coalescer type P45

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