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Pressure belt filters

High-performance filtration solutions for the treatment of cooling lubricants.


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FAUDI belt filter_pressure belt filter type DBF

FAUDI Belt filters

Pressure belt filters (DBF)

Pressure belt filters are ideal for cleaning cutting, grinding and rolling oils, emulsions and aqueous solutions. Our filtration solutions significantly increase the cost-benefit efficiency of your production.

By using FAUDI pressure belt filters for the treatment of your cooling lubricants, you can significantly increase their service life, close production cycles and achieve higher surface qualities.

Thanks to its modular design, our pressure belt filter can be optimally customised to your application. Depending on the material to be processed and the filter material used, the separation range is between 30 and 100 μm. Filter finenesses of up to 10 μm are possible thanks to the optional precoating with additional filter aids.

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Pressure belt filters (DBF)

Data and Facts

  • Filtration fineness

    Up to 10 µm

  • Fluids

    Oils and processing emulsions

  • Filter media

    Belt and non-woven combination, belt

  • Filter aid

    Optionally with filter aid
    or without filter aid

  • Filter area

    4, 5 and 6 m² per filter

Economical and sustainable

Benefit with our pressure belt filters


Wide range of applications

Our pressure belt filters can be used universally. They are used particularly frequently for the thorough cleaning of cooling lubricants, which are essential in all metalworking industries. Thanks to their modular design, our filter systems can be customised precisely to your requirements.

High cost/benefit efficiency

Our pressure belt filters significantly extend the service life of your cooling lubricants. They ensure optimum lubrication performance, which has a positive effect on surface qualities. In this way, the filter systems contribute to high economic efficiency, sustainability and product quality.


Highest quality

As a pressure belt filter manufacturer, we set ourselves the highest standards. This concerns the quality of the filtration performance and the durability of our systems as well as the quality of our service in the planning, installation and maintenance of your belt filter systems.

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We will be happy to advise you without any obligation on the best configuration of our pressure belt filters for your application.

Pressure belt filter for the cleaning of cooling lubricants
Design layout FAUDI pressure belt filter

Design layout

Pressure belt filters

The pressure belt filter consists of the following components:

1. Filter inlet
2. Filter outlet
3. Flushing device
4. Maintenance openings
5. Drive engine

We will be happy to advise you on the optimum configuration for your production.

Pressure belt filter system on a white background
Pressure belt filter system

How does a pressure belt filter work?

The pressure belt filter is a fully automatic cooling lubricant filter, which consists of two chambers, the upper and the lower box. The dirt chamber is the upper part of the pressure belt filter and is divided from the clean side consisting of the lower box by a slotted screen on which the filter fleece or endless belt rests. Two flap openings are located on the front side of the upper box, which are opened and closed pneumatically via toggle joints. These openings are required for dirt discharge. During filtration, the openings are closed and the filter belt is fixed by an internal lifting beam.


Filtration takes place discontinuously via the filter pumps, which feed the upper chamber of the pressure belt filter from the dirt tank of the plant via the connecting pipelines. The contaminated liquid flows through the slotted screen and the filter belt. In the process, dirt particles are separated from the filter belt and a filter cake builds up. This filter cake retains increasingly finer dirt particles. The cleaned medium runs out of the drain at the bottom box in free falls into the clean tank.

Pressure belt filter with FAUDI logo, Cooling lubricant cleaning
FAUDI pressure belt filter Cooling lubricant cleaning


Depending on the processing, the regeneration of the filter is triggered when the preset differential pressure in the pressure belt filter or a preset filtration time is reached. The filter pump and thus the inflow into the pressure belt filter are stopped and the filter contents are emptied from the pressure belt filter into the clean tank by means of compressed air. After the pressure belt filter has been emptied, the filter cake is dried in the filter by means of compressed air. The side flaps of the pressure belt filter then open and the filter belt with the dried dirt is discharged from the filter. When the dirt is discharged, a beater shaft, a brush and a rinsing device ensure that the filter belt is cleaned and made available for filtration again as if it were new.

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Advantages at a glance

What you benefit from

  • Large throughput capacity
  • Easy discharge of the filter cake with low residual moisture due to drying before discharge
  • Short regeneration time
  • Precoating possible
  • High efficiency
  • Good maintenance possibility
  • Use of different synthetic fabrics possible
  • New extremly pressure resistant design
  • Combination of plastic belt and non-woven possible


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Our filters in action

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    FAUDI pressure belt filters
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    FAUDI pressure belt filter_ type DBF
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    FAUDI belt filter_pressure belt filter_type DBF

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