Return pump stations for the return transport of cooling lubricant

Return pump stations

Filtration accessories for the treatment
of cooling lubricants.

3D rendering of a FAUDI return pump station in grey with blue elements and FAUDI logo
3D rendering of a FAUDI return pump station in grey with blue elements and FAUDI logo

Component parts: Return pump stations

FAUDI return pump stations are the optimal solution to ensure the automated return transport of contaminated cooling lubricants from the machine tool to the filter system. They can be connected to an existing plant park or even individual machines.

Individual tank shapes and pump types are possible.

The FAUDI return pump station can be individually adapted to your requirements due to its design and small space requirement.

How does a return
pump station work?

The chips and the cooling lubricant pass from the machine tools into the tank of the return pump station. The return pump of the return pump station transports the cooling lubricant mixture evenly through a return line to the filter system.

Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Fully automatic cooling lubricant and chip transport
  • Low space requirement due to individual design
  • Return pump station adaptable to existing machine tool or new machine tool
  • Simplified modification of the return pump station from decentralized to centralized filter systems
  • Individual solution variant possible
  • High economic efficiency due to low investment costs

Data and facts


  • Processing types

    Machine tool and grinding processes

  • Fluids

    Oil and water-miscible cooling lubricants

  • Output

    Individually adjustable from
    40 – 1500 l/min depending on cooling lubricant

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: How they are used

  • Green return pump stations
    Green return pump stations
  • Return pump stations
    Return pump stations

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