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Filtration solutions for the treatment
of process liquids and gases.

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Component parts: Skimmers

Oil skimmers are used to remove tramp oils from the surface as well as floating oils and greases from all types of liquids.

The removed oil or grease is subsequently collected in a separate container. For simple application, belt skimmers or hose skimmers are used. For larger suction quantities FAUDI suction funnel skimmers are used.

The use of oil skimmers increases the service life of the cooling lubricant used and reduces nucleation.

The maintenance of cooling lubricants has been proven to increase the economic efficiency of the manufacturing process and also reduces the impact on the environment.

How does a skimmer work?

Belt skimmer:

The oil/grease discharge is performed through a slowly rotating endless belt, which is pulled through the surface of the liquid. The oil adheres to the endless belt and removes the oil from the surface of the cooling lubricant. The oil is then stripped off and collected in a separate container.

Hose skimmer:

A hose skimmer has a hose that floats on the surface of the cooling lubricant. The floating oil is collected by the oil pick-up hose and enters the skimmer. The stripped tramp oil is collected in a separate container. Due to its robust design, the hose skimmer can be used in continuous operation.

FAUDI Suction funnel skimmer

The self-priming pump placed on the tank sucks the liquid flowing into a suction funnel. A sensor detects the surface of the liquid and controls the suction funnel to the optimum working position by a driven axis. Depending on the selected time interval, the filling level is checked and the suction funnel is re-positioned. Changes in the filling level are thus compensated. The extracted oil is collected in a separate container.

Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Longer service life of the cooling lubricant used
  • More efficiency in the manufacturing process
  • No negative influence due to contamination for floats
  • Easy to retrofit to existing container systems
  • Large suction volumes possible

Data and facts:

  • Flow rate

    30 -120 l/min

  • Fluids

    Emulsion, oils, aqueous solutions, foam and solids bound therein

  • Skimmable substances

    Foreign oils, bound solids

  • Hub

    max. 1,500 mm

Industries: Where they are used

Application areas: How they are used

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    Skimmer FAUDI
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    Faudi Skimmer

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