Regenerable Microfilters in a row for filtration of coolant lubricants


Filtration solutions for the treatment of coolant lubricants.

Regenerable microfilter system on a white background
FAUDI regenerable microfilter system

Cartridge filter systems: regenerable microfilters (rmf)

The patented FAUDI regenerable microfilters are used primarily for cleaning contaminated coolant lubricants from grinding processes. Especially, they are used in the area of ultra-fine processing of metal surfaces. Cleaned coolant lubricants can be used over longer periods of time, they improve the surface quality of parts and extend the service life of tools and machines. Whenever high demands are made on the degree of purity for the coolant lubricant used, FAUDI’s regenerable microfilter technology is just right.

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Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Filtration without a filter aid
  • Can be used for different
    processing methods
  • Especially economical for
    large volumetric flow rates
  • Long service life
  • Compact design possible
Design layout of FAUDI precoat filters - for cleaning oils or machining emulsions
Design layout FAUDI precoat filter

Design layout

Regenerable microfilters (RMF)

The regenerable microfilter consists of the following components:

1. Filter inlet
2. Filter outlet
3. Lid lifting swivel device
4. Inspection glass
5. Intermediate plate
6. Filter cartridges
7. Clean chamber
8. Dirty chamber

Inner parts of a regenerable microfilter, where the filter cartridges can be seen
Filter cartridges of a regenerable microfilter system

how does a
regenerable microfilter work?

The core of the process is a complex filter cartridge with a very high dirt-holding capacity that can be completely cleaned by back-washing. No filter aid is needed in the process. The flow passes through the filter cartridge from the outside to the inside. At the beginning of the filter cycle, particles penetrate the outermost layer of the filter cartridge. However, a so-called filter cake is quickly built up on the outer surface of the filter cartridge, which takes over the filtration. When the maximum permissible differential pressure between the dirty and clean sides is reached, regeneration is activated. The filtration process is interrupted. The filtrate section above the intermediate plate is pressurized with compressed air. The filter housing is then abruptly emptied. The compressed air/filtrate mixture from the filtrate section is forced through the filter cartridge at high speed in the reverse direction. This removes even the finest deposited particles from the filter cartridge. The concentrate is emptied. The filter housing is then filled from the dirt tank. The filtration is continued.

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Regenerable microfilters (RMF)



  • Filtration fineness

    5 µm – 10 µm

  • Fluids


  • Filter material

    Patented FAUDI filter

  • Filter surface area

    2.5 – 73 m² per filter

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