Several sieve basket filters placed in two rows

Sieve basket filters

Filtration solutions for the treatment of
process liquids and gases.

Compact sieve basket filter as single filter on white background
FAUDI sieve filter_sieve basket filter type S11_S21

Sieve filters: Sieve basket filters
(S11 and S21)

Sieve basket filters are used for coarse or pre-filtration of liquid, viscous and gaseous media. The filtration task includes the retention of contaminants from the piping system such as rust and scale or the pre-filtration of the media from contaminants from the production process. The design of the strainer basket filter and the filter basket is adapted to the area of application and the customer’s requirements in order to achieve an optimum result. Thus, sieve basket filters can be found as protective filters for a wide variety of applications, e.g. in water and wastewater plants, sewage treatment plants, power stations, refineries or also in building services engineering. They are also used to protect pipelines, pumps and nozzles and also for protection of flow meters, fittings, measuring units and much more. Finally, FAUDI basket filters can be used as single filters for fluids of all types (liquid, gaseous or pasty). Our sieve basket filters in a welded design are available as single or double filters with fittings, instrumentation and interconnecting pipes.

Sieve basket filter type S11 with FAUDI logo-Rendering2
Sieve basket filter type S11

how does a
sieve basket
filter work?

The medium enters the sieve basket filter via the inlet connection and flows through the filter basket. The solid particles are retained by the filter fabric and the cleaned medium flows back into the pipe system via the outlet connection. The retained particles remain in the filter basket and, depending on their quantity and nature, will slowly impede the flow through the sieve basket filter. This leads to a measurable pressure difference before and after the filter basket and thus indicates the degree of contamination.


  • Compact design
  • Connections at the same
    height in the inline version
  • Robust and user friendly
  • For high differential
  • Low pressure loss
  • Cleanable filter materials
  • Can be used as
    pressure or suction filters
  • Heat tracing is possible
  • Double-filter design is

Data and Facts


  • Filtration fineness

    50 µm – 5,000 µm

  • Fluids

    Liquids and gases

  • Filter material

    Sieve basket with/without stainless steel wire mesh

  • Design

    S21: inlet and outlet height-shifted
    S11: inlet and outlet at the same level

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: how they are used

  • Several sieve basket filters placed in two rows
    FAUDI sieve filter_sieve basket filter type S11
  • A lot of sieve basket filters in an assembly hall
    FAUDI sieve filter_ sieve basket filter S11

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