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Filtration is a core process in the purification of edible and vegetable oil or the purification of brine in cheese production, as well as many other applications in the food and beverage industry. The safety of the food we consume is essential to global health. The food industry, as well as government regulatory agencies, require high standards in the production of solid and liquid food products. When it comes to filtration technologies, FAUDI is the right partner with its innovative products to help you meet these standards and maintain and improve the quality of your products. Our filter systems can be CIP (Clean-In-Place) cleaned, so they are able to filter applied solutions while providing multiple benefits. We offer holistic solutions for a wide range of process steps. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art research center where we can study any type of liquid. Thus, we offer customer-oriented filtration solutions that help improve product quality, maximize yield, reduce operating costs and protect health.

Ranges of application: Our services in the
field of Food and Beverage

  • Purification of edible and vegetable oil
  • Clear filtration of brine during cheese production
  • Beverage filtration
  • CIP recovery

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