Ipad, welches in Händen gehalten wird und zur Steuerung von Fertigungsmaschinen benutzt wird

Industry 4.0

From increasing productivity to optimizing costs.


The intelligent connectivity of your filter systems

When people talk about Industry 4.0, they generally mean the introduction of digitization into industry. If you think about it in more detail, one can understand it as the intelligent connectivity of people and machines in order to support them in the completion of their tasks through certain software. Regarding the production, Industry 4.0 means increasing productivity as well as optimizing costs, as the constant exchange of data provides necessary information in real time and thus enables a completely new way of organizing and controlling production systems. For this to work, production plants and systems must be able to generate reliable information from the variety of data and make it available to people, other machines and software in a context-related manner. Furthermore, a central system is needed that is able to connect systems, machines, plants, products and people.

Our services


From the prevention of unwanted downtime to full-service support.

  • FAUDI measurement technology for constant monitoring and prediction of critical plant conditions

  • Implementation of a cloud-based IOT platform for intelligent connection of your filter systems

  • Remote maintenance, remote control as well as communication to the IOT platform are carried out under the highest security standards according to ISO 27001

  • Coming soon: FAUDI customer portal as a full-service support for our customers

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Your benefits

Why you definitely win

  • Proactive prevention of unwanted downtime

  • Absolute cost optimization

  • Permanent system availability

  • Productivity increase of your production cycle

  • Facilitation of error analysis and short-term support from FAUDI

  • Regular incident reports and condition assessments