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Our versatile range of filtration solu-
tions and processes for the separation of substance mixtures.

New challenges

Technological advantage with FAUDI expertise

The aviation industry is facing new challenges not only from rising environmental requirements for the air transport of the future, but also from increasing international competition. Companies can only survive in this competitive environment if they build up a technological  lead, defend it and continually expand it. The challenge now is to manage the downturn in aircraft production while maintaining a healthy structure to absorb the near-term supply shortfall and while accelerating the development of more environmentally friendly aircraft. Specific competence management will be a key to this. We are happy to be your contact when it comes to building your technological edge and developing new  competencies. FAUDI expertise has been in demand in the aviation industry for more than 80 years. You can profit from it, too. With our customised filtration solutions, we ensure first-class production systems and are your business partner in turbine manufacturing as well as in aircraft and helicopter construction.

Ranges of application

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aircraft industry

  • Filtration and recycling of process media
  • Vacuum transport and briquetting of metal chips
  • Recovery of oil and emulsions
  • Consulting, engineering and training
  • Worldwide service

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We are your contact for engineering, piping design as well as monitoring and control.

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