Wasseraufbereitung: Nahaufnahme von Wasser in Bewegung, Filtration vom Wasser

Water management

Innovative filtration solutions for water treatment
in various industrial branches.


Innovations for water treatment

Effective system solutions for wastewater treatment plants and industry

The water industry is a diverse branch of industry in which a wide range of filtration tasks arise. FAUDI offers a wide range of solutions for water treatment, for example for power generation, the chemical industry and in oil and gas production. In addition, together with ReTech Resources Technology GmbH, we have developed a process for the treatment of sewage sludge and the associated recovery of nutrients and water.

Our energy-efficient filtration solutions ensure closed-loop systems and thus increased sustainability and economic efficiency. In addition, our solutions are always designed in an integrated way – so you get system solutions for your entire production process. With our many years of know-how in the field of industrial water filtration systems, we will also find the right system solution for you. Let our experts advise you.

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