Mesh pad separator

mesh pad separators

Filtration solutions for the treatment
of process liquids and gases.

Mesh pad separator with FAUDI logo on the white background
Mesh pad separator with FAUDI logo

Mesh pad separators (P51)

Demisters, also known as mesh pad separators, are used in a wide variety of applications in most industrial sectors worldwide.

FAUDI demisters are used in process engineering plants where they are applied to separate liquid droplets from gas, steam or air flows and for the phase separation of non-mixable liquids.

FAUDI offers an application-oriented, practical and economical solution for these tasks in the form of the mesh pad separator. These separators offer a high level of separation performance even under elevated temperature or pressure conditions.

We are able to complement our standard sizes with in construction as needed with project-specific products using adapted dimensions and materials – all tailored to your use case.

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Benefits: your advantages
at a glance

  • Fine degree of separation of
    liquid droplets
  • Suitable for use under extreme temperature and pressure
  • Low pressure loss
  • Insensitive to contamination
  • Uncomplicated installation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
Design layout FAUDI Mesh pad separators/demisters
Design layout FAUDI Mesh pad separator

Design layout

Mesh pad separators (P51)

The mesh pad separator consists of the following components:

1. Inlet
2. Outlet
3. Collecting chamber
4. Drain
5. Mesh pad

FAUDI Mesh pad separators/demisters
FAUDI Demister_Rendering

how does a mesh
pad separator

In the FAUDI demister, the main separation mechanism is the inertia of the liquid droplets. The gas with the droplets flows through the wire mesh with multiple deflections. Due to the many changes of direction and the moment of inertia of the droplets, they collide with the wire surface and collect at the nodes of the wire mesh. The collected liquid droplets then fall downwards as larger drops into the collection chamber of the separator.

The application of mesh pad separators depends on the droplet loading and droplet size distribution in the gas phase, the required separation efficiency, the pressure drop and the solids loading of the gas flow.

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Mesh pad separators (P51)

Data and Facts:

  • Separation performance

    3 μm to 100 μm droplet size

  • Fluids

    Air, process gases, liquids

  • Separation media

    Wire mesh package in stainless
    steel, plastic or metal/plastic

  • Flow rate capacity

    Gases: 100 Am³/h to 10,000 Am³/h,
    Liquids: 5 m³/h to 300 m³/h

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: how they are used

  • Drahtgestrickabscheider für die gasförmig-flüssig als auch bei der flüssig-flüssig Trennung einsetzbar
    Faudi Demister- Drahtgestrickabscheider
  • Drahtgestrick an ein Stück Holz angelehnt
  • Teil eines Drahtgestrickabscheiders
    Teil von Drahtgestrickabscheider

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