Two sieve cylinder filters in the production hall

Sieve cylinder filters

A powerful and user-friendly sieve filter alternative.

Sieve cylinder filter with FAUDI logo -Rendering
Sieve cylinder filter-Rendering

Sieve filters: Sieve cylinder
filters (s13 and S26)

FAUDI sieve cylinder filters are designed primarily for the filtration of liquid media and gases with a higher dirt content or lower filter fineness. Compared to the sieve basket filter, sieve cylinder filters are equipped with several sieve cylinders. They offer maximum filter surface area due to sieve cylinders arranged in parallel, which can be optionally equipped with wire mesh or filter bags. Sieve cylinder filters are often used as protective filters in water and wastewater systems, power plants, sewage treatment plants, refineries or in building services. They are also applied to protect pipelines, pumps and nozzles, or to protect flow meters, fittings, measuring units etc. Sieve cylinder filters are often referred to as single filters for fluids of all kinds.

If required, we are able to complement our standard sizes in welded design as needed with specially made products tailored to your use case, for example, with custom shapes and dimensions, other levels of filtration fineness and materials.

Sieve cylinder filter with FAUDI Logo -Rendering
Sieve cylinder filter-Rendering

how does a
sieve cylinder
filter work?

The medium enters the sieve basket filter via the inlet nozzle and flows through the filter basket. The solid particles are retained by the filter mesh and the cleaned medium flows back into the pipe system via the outlet nozzle. The retained particles remain in the filter basket and, depending on their quantity and nature, will slowly impede the flow through the sieve basket filter. This leads to a measurable pressure difference before and after the filter basket and thus indicates the degree of contamination.

Benefits: Your advantages
at a glance

  • Greater volumetric flow rates as
    compared to sieve basket filters
    with the same dimensions
  • Connections at same height
    in the inline version
  • Robust and user-friendly
  • Especially economical for
    large volumetric flow rates
  • Large filtration surface areas yield
    high contaminant holding
    capacities and long service lives
  • Easy insert replacement due to
    low weight of the sieve cylinder
  • Can also be equipped with
    a filter bag if desired
  • Double-filter design is possible

Data and Facts


  • Filtration fineness

    1 µm – 5,000 µm

  • Fluids

    Low-viscosity media and gases

  • Filter material

    Sieve cylinder with/without
    wire mesh of stainless steel,
    filter bag

  • Design

    S26: Inlet and outlet vertically offset;
    S13: Inlet and outlet at the same height

Industries: Where they are used


Application areas: HOW THEY ARE USED

  • FAUDI_sieve filters_sieve cylinder filters
    FAUDI_sieve filters_sieve cylinder filters
  • Detailed view of a FAUDI sieve cylinder filter
    Detailed view of a FAUDI sieve cylinder filter
  • Two sieve cylinder filters in the production hall
    FAUDI sieve filters_ sieve cylinder filters S13 and S26

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