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FAUDI separators enable the removal of impurities, particles, liquids or gases from a medium, resulting in improved product quality overall. By separating mixtures of substances, unwanted substances can be filtered out to ensure the quality of the end products. This is especially important in those sectors and industries where strict quality standards must be met.

Our products are used in a variety of industries where the separation and purification of fluids or gases is critical. From gas treatment in the energy industry to midstream filtration to water treatment in the oil and gas industry, you’ll find our FAUDI products wherever the highest quality standards prevail. Join the many companies already benefiting from the advantages of our high-quality solutions.

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Your advantages with our separators

Quality improvement

With our products, you achieve extremely precise separation and removal, so that the quality of your end products increases enormously. A significant factor in industries with very high quality standards.

Compliance with environmental regulations

You ensure safe compliance with environmental regulations and standards, by using this FAUDI filter type. In addition, you reduce air and water pollution and contribute to environmental protection.

Cost savings

By purifying liquids or gases, product losses can be minimized and valuable resources can be reused. This leads to improved productivity and profitability in various industries.

The right orientation

  • Low-viscosity media

    Very suitable

  • High-viscosity media

    Not suitable

  • Versatile requirements


  • Gases

    Very suitable

  • Aggressive and abrasive media

    Not suitable

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