Retrofit filter system


For a professional overhaul
of your filter system.


FAUDI Retrofit

Partial reconditioning, complete overhaul or retrofitting

A duly retrofit guarantees safe functionality – the best prevention against undesirable downtime. We overhaul your old plant according to the latest standards, guidelines and legal requirements with new sensors, measurement technology as well as a new electrical cabinet etc. Thereby, we focus entirely on your individual wishes. We use only original spare parts and if they are not available, we manufacture them. If desired, we can provide an attractive appearance with a repaint. Whether your filter system is from FAUDI or has a different name – you can always use our service.

Our services

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Retrofit – the best prevention against undesired downtime.

  • Professional disassembly

  • Cleaning of the plant

  • Replacement of defective and worn parts with original
    spare parts for a complete and partial retrofit

  • Conversion or adaptation to the current state of the technology

  • Functional test

  • Preservation or repainting

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Whether a FAUDI system or not, we are your trusted partner for professional modernization.

Your benefits

With the FAUDI Moderinization

  • Safe functionality and energy saving

  • Prevention of undesired downtime

  • Professional retrofit according to customers individual requirements

  • Use of original spare parts