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Our compact filter systems for high filtration performance in a limited space.


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Compact filter systems

Our compact filters are a solution for advanced filtration in a space-saving and efficient form. In this product category you will find our high-performance precoat filters and regenerable microfilters, which can be specially designed for you as compact filter systems.

  • High-quality filtration performance in a compact form
  • Individually customisable to your conditions and filtration requirements
  • High cost-benefit efficiency

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compact filters

High performance in a small space

Our compact filter systems offer you the best of both worlds – outstanding filtration performance and a space-saving design. The compact forms of our precoat filters and regenerable microfilters are designed to offer a strong filtration capacity despite their compact size. This efficiency allows you to optimise the use of valuable space in your production without compromising on filtration quality.

Simple and customised integration

With our compact filters, we guarantee seamless integration into your existing processes. The sophisticated design with flexible installation frames makes installation and commissioning much easier. This means you benefit from a short commissioning time and a customised solution. The user-friendliness of our systems also guarantees easy handling and the avoidance of downtime.

Significant cost savings

Our compact filter systems not only offer a space-saving solution, but also help to reduce overall operating costs. Precise filtration extends the service life of your system components and minimises potential downtime. In addition, the easy maintenance and cleaning of our compact filters enables efficient utilisation – for lower maintenance costs and a high return on your investment.

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Our compact filter systems

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