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Screw presses

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FAUDI screw press

Chips and sludge treatment: FAUDI Screw presses

Optimize the sustainability and economic efficiency of your production process in the metalworking industries with FAUDI screw presses:

  • reduction of the volume and thus the disposal costs of (grinding) sludge,
  • recovery and utilisation of the liquid in the residues,
  • reduction of the consumption of fresh oil and emulsions.

Benefit from our many years of experience as a manufacturer of screw presses and support your recycling, dewatering, de-oiling and many other processes.

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Sustainable & economical: Your advantages with FAUDI screw presses

Environmental solution

Our screw presses enable the recovery of a significant portion of the liquid from your grinding and other process-related sludges. These can be reintroduced into the production immediately. This establishes a more closed cycle and significantly reduces the need for fresh oils and emulsions.

High cost saving

By compacting the sludge in the press, the volume of your production residues is significantly minimised. This reduces the usual high costs of residue disposal. In addition, the costs of procuring new liquid are avoided, as a large proportion can be recovered and reused.


Individual application

Our screw presses can be used both as a cost-effective standalone solution and for retrofitting filtration systems from all common manufacturers, either as a frame or extension unit. Alternatively, you can increase the throughput of your briquetting press with a screw press as an additional module. We are happy to advise you on your specific application.

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We would be pleased to consult you on configuration and application possibilities as well as on the price and installation of your individual screw press.

Performance of our screw presses

Data and facts


  • Achievable residual humidity:

    up to 30 %

  • Throughput performance:

    up to 450 kg/h

  • Trough diameter:

    150 – 250 mm

FAUDI screw presses in the recovery of recyclable materials, dewatering, de-oiling
Design layout FAUDI screw press

Design layout

Screw presses (FSP)

The screw press consists of the following components:

1. Gear motor
2. Filling funnel with level control
3. Trough with screw conveyor
4. Dehydration area
5. Return pump station
6. Container
7. Sludge discharge
8. Return flow liquid

We will gladly recommend the ideal configuration and the areas of application for our presses.

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Advantages at a glance: Benefit with our screw presses

  • Avoidance of cost-intensive disposal of raw materials
  • Separation of residual oils and emulsions from other residual materials make them usable
  • Saving of fresh oils and emulsions
  • Individual solution design
  • Reduction in transport and disposal volumes
  • Can be used as an economical stand-alone solution
  • Can be used in the upstream stage of FAUDI briquetting presses
  • Can be optimally combined with FAUDI filter systems
  • Can be adapted as a process-optimizing upgrade to all commercially available filter systems from other manufacturers

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Together we will find the best solution for the use of our screw presses for your environmentally friendly and cost-effective production.

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