Pressure boosting station for the supply of machine tools

Pressure boosting

For the optimum supply pressure
in the cooling lubricant supply.

Pressure boosting station on a white background
FAUDI Pressure boosting station

Component parts

boosting stations

A pressure boosting station consists of an automatically controlled pump or a combination of pumps and other technical equipment to increase the supply pressure for machine tools. If the installation situation of a machine tool or a filter system changes, the supply pressure may no longer be sufficient because, for example, the machine tool is higher due to the new installation or the distance between the machine tool and the filter system changes. To ensure constant supply pressure to machine tools, a pressure boosting station is required. Due to the individual design, FAUDI pressure boosting stations are easy to integrate into your system.

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Benefits: Your advantages
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  • Robust and user-friendly
  • Compact construction
FAUDI pressure boosting stations - for increasing the supply pressure for machine tools
Design layout FAUDI pressure boosting station

Design layout

Pressure boosting stations

The pressure boosting station consists of the following components:

1. Inlet
2. Outlet with different pressure levels
3. Microfilter (police filter)
4. Pressure relief valve
5. Pressure booster pump 1
6. Pressure booster pump 2
7. Steel foundation / collecting tray

Pressure boosting station with FAUDI logo and blue elements
FAUDI pressure boosting station

How does a
pressure Boosting
station work?

The integrated control of a pressure boosting station regulates the pump speed when the machine toolrequires cooling lubricant and can thus provide the required pressure with high precision.

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Pressure boosting stations

Data and facts:

  • Type of construction

    Individual construction according to customer requirements

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  • Pressure boosting station in triple version in assembly hall
    FAUDI pressure boosting station
  • FAUDI booster station in assembly hall
    FAUDI pressure boosting station

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