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Briquetting press with control cabinet on white background
FAUDI briquetting press with control cabinet

Chips and sludge treatment: FAUDI Briquetting presses (WSpk)

Faudi briquetting presses are a cost-effective and sustainable solution for optimising your material recovery in the metalworking industries:

  • Reutilisation of metal chips and grinding sludge instead of expensive disposal,
  • Recovery of cooling lubricants and other fluids from residual materials,
  • Reduced need for fresh lubricants/emulsions.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in chip and sludge processing, you benefit from increased efficiency and sustainability as well as the highest product quality with our briquette presses.

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Economical & ecological

Your advantages with FAUDI briquetting presses

Ecological utilisation of residual materials

Our briquetting presses make your production residues usable again as secondary raw materials. The metal briquettes that are compressed with the chip presses – both from metal chips and from grinding sludge – can be easily recycled. This also avoids classification as “hazardous waste”. Recovered cooling lubricants can be fed directly back into your production. This closes production cycles and reduces the impact on the environment.

Increasing economic efficiency

Your company also benefits economically from the use of our efficient briquette presses. Pressed metal chips can be sold to producers at higher prices. At the same time, high disposal costs are eliminated, especially for metal grinding sludge. The need for fresh cooling lubricants is also reduced. Moreover, our chip press is energy-efficient and has low wear. The metal and grinding sludge press therefore contributes to the economic efficiency of your production in many ways.


Optimal performance & energy efficiency

Our briquetting systems for metal chips are held to the highest quality standards. This concerns both the functionality of the machine and the briquette quality. Thanks to variable-speed pump drives, our press achieves a high throughput rate and also saves up to 70 % of the energy required. Thanks to the use of an internal gear pump, it is also quiet. And thanks to the low susceptibility to failure of the hydraulic pump used, the press has a long service life.

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Briquetting presses (WSPK)

Data and facts

  • Throughput capacity

    40 kg/h – 2 to/h

  • Briquette diameter

    60 mm – 135 mm

  • Materials that can be processed

    Metal chips, such as aluminum, brass and copper chips, steel chips, magnesium chips, gray and cast steel chips, stainless steel chips, slag and dust of all types, grinding sludge of all types

  • Residual moisture

    up to 3 %

FAUDI briquetting presses for metal chips and grinding sludge
Design layout FAUDI briquetting press

Design layout

Briquetting presses (WSPK)

The briquetting press consists of the following components:

1. Dosing tank with screw conveyor
2. Pre-compressor
3. Main press cylinder
4. Press chamber
5. Hydraulic unit
6. Briquette discharge
7. Oil collection tray

We will be happy to advise you on the ideal configuration and areas of application for our presses for metal chips and grinding sludge.

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All advantages at a glance

Benefit with our briquetting presses

  • Volume reduction of up to 90 %
  • Optimum recovery of valuable cooling lubricants
  • Positive contribution to sustainability, also for environmental audits
  • Higher melting yield due to uniform combustibility of the briquette
  • Optimised throughput and automatic briquette length control
  • High reliability thanks to low-error hydraulic system
  • Avoidance of “hazardous waste” and corresponding special disposal
  • Low bacterial growth and easy handling in storage
  • Simple waste records management
  • Low noise emission, reduced effort for sound insulation
  • Intelligent e-control and remote maintenance on request
  • Best advice and highest service quality

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