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FAUDI belt filters are frequently used for the cleaning and treatment of cooling lubricants. They are applied, for example, in metalworking, where they are used to clean cutting, grinding and rolling oils. Additionally, they are often found in the automotive industry in applications such as turning, drilling, milling and grinding.

They remove solids from liquids or gases to improve the quality of the liquid or gas, reduce contamination, and extend the life of machinery and equipment. In doing so, they operate in a continuous mode and filter the liquid flow without interruption.

Depending on the application and requirements, our belt filter systems can also be equipped with various additional devices to improve filtration performance. For example, pre-treatment equipment such as sieves or sedimentation basins can be integrated into the filter system to increase the efficiency of the filtration system.

We offer our belt filter types in compact designs as well as in the form of complex belt filter systems for large throughput capacities. We will be happy to find the ideal solution for your requirements.

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Your advantages with our
belt filter systems

Reduced operating costs

Efficient particle removal extends the service life of cooling lubricants, which in turn reduces the cost of disposing of used fluids. In this way, you extend the service life of the fluids and improve the quality of the cooling lubricant.

Resource conservation

With a FAUDI belt filter system, you extend the life cycle of your water-mixed cooling lubricants and process fluids and ensure resource conservation within your production process. In this way, you contribute to the protection of the environment.

Flexibility in customization

Our belt filters can be configured for different fluids and applications, allowing them to be adapted to different filtration requirements. We offer both compact belt filter systems and complex systems including piping design.

Which belt filter is suitable
for your application

  • Turning/Drilling/Milling
    (Machining Centers)

    Gravity belt filter AFB
    Inclined belt filter SBF
    Vacuum belt filter FUF
    Pressure belt filter DBF

  • Grinding

    Gravity belt filter AFB
    Inclined belt filter SBF
    Vacuum belt filter FUF

  • Honing + Superfinishing

    Inclined felt filter SBF
    Vacuum belt filter FUF

  • Cold Rolling

    Gravity belt filter AFB
    Inclined belt filter SBF
    Vacuum belt filter FUF

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