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Belt filters

General information about the product category: Belt filters

A belt filter is a cleaning device which contains a conveyor belt as the central component. This conveyor or filter belt acts as a filtering medium and can be made of different materials, such as nonwoven or endless plastic belt.

The FAUDI range of belt filters includes five different products: pressure belt filters FAUDI type DBF, folding belt filters FAUDI type KBF, inclined belt filters FAUDI type SBF,  gravity belt filters FAUDI type ABF and finally vacuum filters FAUDI type FUF. Belt filters are generally used for the cleaning and preparation of cooling lubricants. They are often found in metalworking applications, where they are used, for example, to clean cutting, grinding, and rolling oils. Or they can be found in applications such as turning, drilling, milling or grinding, for coolant filtration.

We offer our belt filter types in compact design as well as in the form of complex plants for large throughput capacities.

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